Pilates-Based Mat Classes & Specialty Reformer Classes

In addition to our Pilates reformer private sessions and group classes, we offer a Pilates-based workshop for the absolute beginner, specialty group reformer classes, and a variety of and mat-based Pilates classes seven days a week.

Special Reformer and Mat Classes Offered

Silver Pilates - A Group Pilates Reformer Class for Active Aging

A Pilates reformer workout is great for all ages, but especially beneficial to continue through life to focus on strength, balance, flexibility, muscle tone, stamina, and well-being; connecting mind and body.
This class is taught at a slower pace, and the instructor will offer cues for individual exercise modifications as needed. Geared toward the active aging adult but open to anyone looking for a slower pace. 
Pilates Prerequisite: experience required.
Joseph Pilates practiced his method into his eighties. Keep active and strong with Pilates!

Must have previous group reformer experience. Get started with a private New Client Session if you are new to Pilates.

Osteo-lates—Pilates For Strong Bones and Joints

There are two types of exercises that are important for building and maintaining strong bones and joints: weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises.

This drop-in Group Reformer class will focus on strengthening bone, muscle, and joint health through a system of therapeutic Pilates exercises. Improve posture and feel better! Participation may be modified for any skill level.

Ongoing Group Reformer class is offered on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Must have previous group reformer experience. Get started with a private New Client Session if you are new to Pilates.

PRENATAL Group Pilates Reformer Workout (All levels)

A Pilates group reformer class for expecting moms!

Work out with 7 other moms in this wonderful Prenatal Pilates class. (starting September 5)

Pilates strengthens your tummy, back and pelvic floor muscles without straining other joints, so it's a great exercise to do when you're pregnant.
This group reformer class is gentle and is for all levels, whether experienced with Pilates or new to Pilates.
Doctor approval is recommended.
Single Pilates Prenatal rate is $28 per class

Prefer working in a private setting? Check out our Prenatal Private Package.

Pilates Mat Drop-in Classes

The Pilates Mat Workout is a great way to get in an additional Pilates core workout, or supplement Pilates reformer workouts. 

Mat exercises are adaptable to any fitness level which makes this a challenging class for anyone. Drop in anytime.

Classes offered include a traditional mat class, Stretch and resistance band, Pilates Cardio, POP Pilates and more.

Taught by a Certified Pilates Instructor.

Never taken a class? Your first drop-in class is $5. (NEW to Ballet Austin classes)

Absolute Beginning PILATES Group Reformer Workout

Think Pilates 101. A 6-wek workshop designed to introduce you to the Pilates method and the Pilates machines. A great way to get started!

Prenatal Private Pilates Sessions

PILATES FOR TWO! This is a PRIVATE session opportunity to work one on one with one of our certified Pilates instructors. 5 sessions are included in this package.

Build strength for labor and stay in shape during your entire pregnancy 

Pilates strengthens your tummy, back and pelvic floor muscles without straining other joints, so it's a great exercise to do when you're pregnant. Sessions will promote good posture and spinal alignment, easing the strain and tensions involved with a changing body during pregnancy.

We recommend working in a private Pilates session customized for your prenatal needs.

Purchase our Prenatal Package and book your sessions with one of our certified Pilates instructors.

The instructor will teach the basic principles of Pilates on a reformer, with modifications to accommodate all stages of pregnancy and levels of fitness.

Enjoy 5, 45-minute private sessions on the Pilates reformer.

Sessions are Designed to:

  • Offer beginner level orientation in order to introduce new clients to the Pilates method and machines.
  • Allow clients to work with certified and experienced Pilates instructors who will guide them through any stage of pregnancy.

Post-operative Workout for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Pink Pilates Post-Operative Workshop 

Ballet Austin's Pink Pilates Program is a post-operative exercise and rehabilitative program for women recovering from breast cancer.

More than just exercise, we offer care, confidence building, encouragement, and a warm and therapeutic environment. The weekly class is held in our beautiful center for dance and community wellness, a non-medical, happy, mainstream environment that allows for encouragement and rehabilitation.

The Pink Pilates Program will help stretch and strengthen the shoulder, chest, back, and abdominal muscles, allowing women to regain full range of motion to those areas affected by breast cancer surgery.

This program is suitable for women recovering from a recent surgery or from several years ago. It is recommended that women wait 4-6 weeks post op before enrolling in the course.

Each class will offer strengthening, self-esteem and quality of life to breast cancer survivors. The program works in conjunction with your doctor's recommendations for an exercise program.

We look forward to being a part of your full recovery.

Sponsored by Individual donors, NXP Semiconductors and Texas Oncology.

6 or 10-Week Workshops

April Nygaard, Post-Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist
Vlada Sheber, Post-Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist


Cost: FREE (10 weeks valued at $600), these workshops are currently underwritten in part by Ballet Austin and the generous support of donors and are offered at NO COST to women.)

Pilates Staff and Certified Instructors

Butler Center for Dance & Fitness FAQs

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